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  • GMZemo

    Posted the thread Levelguide c30 - c50 (EN).

    Levelguide c30 - c50

    Hello everyone, in this guide you will find a guideline on what to do after you have reached level c30.


    • Equipment level and bonuses
    • Level c30 - c40
    • Quest in the Forgotten Mine
    • Shadow Steel Forge
    • Level c40 - c50
    • Quest in the
  • DEViVenTus

    Posted the thread Preliminary Patchnotes.

    Add New ChestPreview
    Enable New ChestPreview in ( Inventory, Shop, ItemShop, Exchange, ShopSearch, SafeBox, Mall)
    You can also search for items that can be dropped from various chests
    (Hidden Content)

    Fix Stuck Hyperlink…
  • SADToN

    Replied to the thread [CHANGELOG]Game - Server.
    Changelog 05/07/2024

    The random bonuses of the awakened pets can now be changed with awakened level 1-15 at least Lv 100 on Ginzard
    Blessing of Midgar can no longer be used on awakened pets
    Awakened pets no longer permanently change the…
  • SADToN

    Replied to the thread [CHANGELOG]Game - Server.
    Changelog 29.04.2024

    Fixed a bug that prevented a party from entering the Forgotten Mine
    The Event Lady is now in Seishin's garden (sorry for the delay)
    Data backup

    The server is now back online with the corresponding patch, have fun! :)