How do I turn a homepage account into an in-game account?

You create an ingame account with your homepage account at https://seishin.xyz/en/accounts , only with the ingame account you can log in to the game.

Homepage account: https://seishin.xyz/register

Ingame account: https://seishin.xyz/en/accounts

Why did you choose the homepage / ingame account system?

We are very concerned about the security of your data and scores and would like to offer better protection. The homepage account allows you to activate a 2-factor authentication so that nobody can get unauthorized access to this account.

By activating the 2-FA function on the homepage account, it is almost impossible* for bots and brute force attacks to get access to the ingame scores because they are stored separately and can't be retrieved over the World Wide Web (Internet).

So it is in your and our interest that you permanently enable 2-FA on every service where possible. :-)

*Provided that 2-FA is activated.

Can I log in with all 5 ingame accounts at the same time?

Yes, because each ingame account has its own login data.

How can I reach the team members?

You can reach our team in-game, on Teamspeak and Discord, and here on the forums.

How long does it take for my donation to be processed and for me to receive the coins?

As a rule, the coins are processed manually several times a day. In exceptional cases it can take up to 24 hours until your coins are credited.

How does the item rarity system work?

On our server the rarity is not determined by the bonuses, but by the item.
There are 9 different levels.

These stages are special:

Event - Event prizes/items

Quest - Items needed to advance in dungeons/quests.

Limited - Items that were available in a limited way.

These stages here describe how late an item occurs in the uppseries:







Where can I find help with the game?

At our forum, under Guides and at our TGM and GM's.

Who can I write to if I have questions or problems ingame?

Every TGM like GM. The admins are not responsible for ingame issues.

Do I need an email address for each ingame account?

No. You can have up to 5 ingame accounts on one HP account.